Not all podcasts apps are created equal

When I started to source new content to share on Social Media- I thought great! Podcasts!

But I also didn’t want to use my own data or device to download and listen to stuff that would be for work, especially as my work phone was more than capable of handling it.

Going to the Play Store I pottered around and found what I thought was a reasonable app for managing podcasts. And started to download the recommended show…


The free app nameless, mainly I forgot what it’s called, just wasn’t user friendly. Took three or four attempts to actually download the audio rather than just tag it to listen to in the future. The settings were just bewildering.

In short, it’s no longer on my work phone.

I turned to my personal phone, to an app that I loved dearly, Pocket Casts.

It smoothly downloaded the most recent podcasts from the show, and I easily picked up the back catalogue that interested me, too.

Within a day of me adding the work related podcast to my usual rotation, it had recommended a second one. Untapped and unfounded and a wonderful addition to the social media channels I manage.

In this day and age although the free apps are wonderful- sometimes paying a few quid is worth while.

And if you’re interested here is the link.

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