BBC, Betrayal, and Bake Off

The first of September was pretty annoying for me, and I swear they timed it for a Thursday on purpose.

With their unlimited knowledge, the BBC decided to change their stance on the iPlayer. The iPlayer is the BBC catch up service. Without a TV licence, no iPlayer. But iPlayer’s my favourite catch up service due to The Motherfucking Bake Off.

B,B&BO redux

The Bake Off is what Britain could be. Accepting people for who they are, what ever their colour, what ever the creed, who ever they love. At times even celebrating it! All encapsulated with traditional British puns and innuendo- and not forgetting our alternate queen Mary Berry.

The thing is I live in a fairly built up area, and can’t get a decent TV signal- something about 4G? I tried everything- four different kinds of aerial, using the one that came with my flat, and praying to the TV gods. None of it worked, so I decided to stop my licence payments- in July.

Let’s have a look at the iPlayer…

  • One of the most watched one off shows was Sherlock at the Abominable Bride– with 2.3 million view requests (from January)
  • The radio shows that regularly do well are I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue and The News Quiz not forgetting The Archers
  • Since 2009 requests for radio shows out pace TV shows (I’m shocked too)
  • TV and iPlayer views peak and flow at the same time

So I’m not the only person loving it.

But why the big deal with The Bake Off? Easy- the day before they announced the change was the second episode in. I’ve been left hanging by the BBC.

Last Wednesday saw the end of the competition- and I’ve been left hanging. There is a void of baked love, witty jokes, and well timed edits. I don’t know who won, or where all these funny jokes on Twitter cam from or anything, as well.

Maybe I’m too much of an honest person and can’t make myself click ‘Yes- I have a TV licence’.

That’s not the only thing- what are the stances on things like podcasts? I don’t use BBC iPlayer app to download podcasts- actually I don’t think it even does that. Though, I do regularly listen to BBC podcasts, like No Such Thing As A Fish and The News Quiz to name a few. Do I need to stop listening to them? Or, as I’m not going via the iPlayer, is it ok?

Copy of B,B&BO redux

After bringing this up in work, there was two general opinions- “no licence, no listen” and “why don’t you just torrent?”. And it’s pretty a generational thing, minus a few outliers.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no issues paying for a TV licence- it’s just that I don’t get much for my £145.50. Even if I could get signal, there are only a few shows that I’d actually want to watch.

I’m ashamed to say that I have no idea how to torrent. Especially, as I work for a software company! So this option doesn’t really work for me. Knowing my luck I’ll end up downloading things that I don’t want… like trojan.exe!

So, yes the 1st of September was pretty annoying for me- but at least I have Netflix.

Reference for iPlayer info, from the performance pack available here:

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