Let me List the Ways I Love You

The romantic comedy of falling in love with an organisational application

To know me would to know that I like to be organised. A few years ago that meant countless pieces of paper; thoughts, to do list, research, and important information. Either in a snowflurry of scraps, or jammed into notebooks, or haphazardly stuck on screens with Post-It Notes.

No matter what you always lose that one piece of paper that you need…

… or simply couldn’t find it! Then I fell in 😍

Love at First Sight

My first encounter with Trello was nearly a year ago now, you always remember how you met.

First week in the job and my new boss explains how we curate and sign off on content to be shared via social media. I sign up (for the first of many times) to a free Trello account, and start to fall in love with the application.

Was it that the mascot is incredible adorable?


Or that the whole system was just so easy to pick up? Information on making cards work better for you was not only freely available, but emailed to my inbox.

That the features work so well! Integrations with so many kinds of applications, from things like GitHub all the way through to Slack. My favourite is the Repeater Cards, that you can time for your needs to reappear.

The Inevitable Plot Twist

Our relationship just wasn’t working, was it Trello or me?


Duplicate cards, incomplete actions, things getting overlooked- the horrors that every organised person fears.

I tried funneling everything through Outlook, a firm favourite of mine, but it didn’t sit right. The format of it, the way reminders were too abrupt, and I couldn’t shuffle things around according to my workload or progression.

For a bit I just didn’t bother, I went retro. Working off of slips of paper. Randomly applied Post-It Notes. Hastily scribbled and crossed out notebooks. To be frank it just wasn’t the same- and if anything it got worse.

Work suffered as this progressed; I had no way of tracking my work (done, started or completed), paranoid that things were slipping, and my general dislike of feeling unorganised.

The Reconciliation

As with any RomCom one of the parties puts in that umph, to realise what they miss about the other. As the partner for me was an application, logically it was me that had to do that bit more.

I can’t resist a good cringe!

So I sat down and had a think, what’s the best way to approach this? Maybe the reason it didn’t work the first time was the method I used. One of the other great perks of Trello is the community of users and the ‘Inspiration Boards’, have a click here to see them but these are a few of my favourites;

Job Search Board– a way of keeping all the application information in one place. The progression of the cards (and the fact he’s not moved anything) suggests this board helped Brian to get that new job!

D&D Campaign Planing Board– this shows how a board isn’t necessarily used to progress cards, but to organise ideas. To collate the ideas, and section them to create something, such as a D&D campaign.

Kaban Workflow Board– an example of Kanban workflow set up for software development. I like the use of labels in this one, it’s great to help filter things, like importance or location of the issue.

A different take on the layout, instead of;

  • To do
  • Doing
  • Waiting on Response
  • Future To Do

It’s broken down;

  • To be assigned
  • Future to do
  • Waiting on Response

Then the days of the week. Why does this work so much better for me? Simply so I can see what I’m doing on each day. It sounds so obvious, but then so do many other things.

Obvious things sometimes need to be said and done but isn’t that the message of so many Rom Coms?

The Honeymoon Montage

As Trello and I can’t ride off into the distance, take this as our honeymoon montage;


Yes, I’m one of the those people that think there’s a novel in me!

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