First Base in Ireland

Do you remember from history class; about how when an occupying force, [after googleing for a full ten minutes I couldn’t find anything to back this up! but I swear we talked about it] pulled back from their lavish homes and buildings, that the local people would take the masonry for use in their own homes? Young me thought it was a bit interesting, the materials lived on for other purposes.

Stuff like this wouldn’t happen today though, surly? Some MadMax esq cannibalisation of parts, stitched together to form another building.

The cars of Mad Max
The cars of Mad Max

Well, yes, yes it has. S’s and mine’s first base in Cork whilst we get things started is just like that. What some may call character, I would call a hodgepodge of things attempting to look tidy. In some respects, especially in this warren like hostel, having no two doors the same is very useful.

As I type this for you, to my right is a unit I’m sure once upon a time had doors, and stood proudly in someone’s bathroom. Now naked the unit is trying it’s best to look like it belongs but a foot away from the bed. The faux beech across the front of the unit clashing delightfully with the stained pine open wardrobe.

Thinking about it, I don’t think any I’ve seen any unit with doors. Did they enmasse untangled themselves from their respective parts of furniture and left? Or, more likely, were removed due to the cosy nature of the place- what use is a cupboard if you can’t open it up?

Though, it’s not too bad. It’s only a short walk from the centre of Cork, along a distinctive enough bridge that I may only get lost a couple of times.

We may even have a house lined up. A colleague at S’s new job is having to break his rental contract early- meaning he needs someone to fill it. It’s a bit bigger than the place we left in England, but with an actual kitchen- yes I’m excited about that. It’s a reasonable price for something a few hills away from the centre of the city.

Today my plan is to fire out more job applications, and prep for an upcoming jobs fair. I’ve been unemployed for over a month now, planning an international move is not quick, and I’m itching to get earning again.

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