Job Hunting, Taking Down the Beast

Job hunting, taking down the beast. Are you read for the hunt?
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As I mentioned in First Base Ireland we left the UK for the green, Brexit free, land of Ireland- now I’m looking to get my teeth into something!

Job hunting is a painfully accurate description. Think about it; you stalk for your new position, attack with your application, then come face to face with your quarry AKA your potential employer. All of this to provide for yourself and your family and yourself.

Years ago I was unemployed for a really long time. I’d taken up my first full time job, and it turns out that I wasn’t ready for what came with it; bitchiness, infighting, and all the good stuff that comes when you enclose ten women in a small area. The owner of the company, my ‘manager’, and myself mutually agreed that it was time to leave.

Best decision of the life. The job wasn’t right, with little to no possibility of moving up. I don’t want to stagnate- so it was in my best interest to leave. Though at the time I may have eaten my weight in Ben & Jerrys!

It took nine months for me to get back into employment.

Cute lil' fox from Planet Earth II snow diving for prey
This fox is trying his darndest to find work… I mean food 😀

Today, I’m not worried.

Simply because my arsenal of hunting gear has grown, substantially, since then.

Not to say that I’ve perfected my CV, I doubt there’s such a thing really.

What I’ve done is take a step back, focus on what I do have rather than what I don’t. From there build up my CV were I can, instead of lamenting that my education isn’t as padded as others to- well this is what I’ve actually done.

Now I walk into an interview knowing that; I’ve broken sales records, set some of my own, that I’ve organised huge events, that I’ve helped to curate a whole department. That I can I stand in the middle of a shopping centre and sell thousands of pounds worth of goods- with a smile a brochure- because I did.

In short, I’m no longer using a flint tipped spear, but polishing my skills with a longbow.

Spears *dirty laugh*
My blog posts can’t be solidly serious- that just ain’t me.

The hunting grounds themselves have changed as well.

Job websites have become more specialised, which is both interesting and useful. Like I mentioned before working remotely is a realistic consideration these days, giving rise to websites like We Work Remotely and

The jobs sites I’m using have realised that providing personalised emails, RSS feeds and engaging content are what keep job hunters coming back. Ask yourself, predators don’t go to locations that lack in camouflage, so why should you use a site that doesn’t provide you the facilities to hunt?

What we’re using for the attack as changed as well. CVs aren’t the only hunting gear required. A sassy cover letter explaining how you’re similar to Wall-E, or what your go to books are is no longer unusual.

Where do sporks go??/
Wall-E and I like things in their right places!

FYI Wall-E and me are alike cos we set our minds to a challenge, no matter how big, whilst giving ourselves some downtime. Not to mention the fact we both like to keep things ordered.

Linking to things like an active LinkedIn account, here’s mine by the way, and blog is also a common step these days. Showing face on social media, especially LinkedIn, is an important part of being in a company these days, providing the information ahead of time demonstrates that you’re aware of this.

Sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted…

Lion takes down giraffe! Kinda...
Fearsome lion hunting down their prey!

…Thinking that your potential employer isn’t going to stalk you on Facebook is more than a bit naive.

I don’t know how many of you are currently stalking and tracking down jobs- but I wish you all the luck in the world!

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