You Should read Kathy & Sophie

Following the first part of Library Love Letters, I thought I would continue with what I have been devouring during my funemployment. You may soon realise that I’m a bit of a fan of the mystery novel!

Text: You should read... Kathy & Sophie Images: Book art from "Closed Casket" and "Break No Bones"

So the first two books I borrowed from the fine city of Cork’s library system were; Kathy Reich’s Break No Bones and Sophie Hannah’s Closed Casket: The New Hercule Poirot Mystery based on Miss Christie’s beloved Belgian.

Curiously I first met both of the major characters; Kathy’s Temperance Brennan and Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot (even in my head it’s said with a Belgian accent), via their TV appearances. Although you can see where the similar characteristics are, there are also some major differences. I find with many characters that one has met through a medium that was not the original, one might have to peel the two apart to fully appreciate either.

Break No Bones

BreaknobonesIn this installment of Temperance Brennan’s life we follow her foray through Dewees Island in South Carolina; Tempe has to deal with some real difficult relationship stresses, whilst also uncovering some foul truths of the missing people of the island.

The whole book was trade mark Kathy in my eyes. A plot that developed and presented itself at a good pace, not too fast so you could loose yourself but not too slow that you were bored. The twists at the end were such page turners! I had to reread the last few chapters, my rush to find how how and why had rushed me through the finer details. I doubt I’m the only fan who has had to that.



The romantic elements when reading the books out of sync have really thrown me, this is due to me randomly selecting books rather than reading in order. What I do like is that you can quickly gauge where she is, on the timeline of her relationship with the blurb, and the way Kathy writes makes it feel natural.

Normally I read Kathy when I want to take my mind off of something, as she presents a wonderful world where justice does come about- sometimes eventually. Truth be told, I’ve started this particular Kathy kick due to the funeral, now over a week ago; Tempe’s brand of intelligence, female strength, and sheer determinism is something I want to leech off of when my own reserves are low.

Yes, I have already checked out my next Tempe book- and no it is not in order! Where’s the fun in that?

Copy of You Should Read...


Closed Casket : The New Hercule Poirot Mystery

51G0Ny75fJL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_Although I was lost slightly without Japp, Sophie’s Inspector Edward Catchpool was a worthy replacement. It was curious to see the written characteristics of Poirot, having only seen what actors have portrayed of his characteristics, certain mannerisms (like the muttering) were more prevalent in the book than I had seen on the TV shows. Other parts, like Poirot’s aversion to physical exertion and waddle wonderfully depicted.

Usually I’ve guessed who the killer is by about a third of the way into the book- and 80% of the time I’m right. Sophie on the other hand had me retracing my thoughts, second, third and fourth guessing myself. Towards the end I had given up trying to guess- I just needed to know.


The wonderful themes that go through the books; the differences between one’s inkling and substantial proof, mysteries within mysteries (I do kind of want to read about Shrimp’s adventures), writers and readers, and how far revenge can fuel you. The way Sophie managed to intertwine them in nearly every part of the book was beautiful.

My favourite parts were all with Kimpton and his continual references to King John, as was mentioned, it’s a lesser known Shakespeare. I pride myself on being a Shakey fan, and haven’t read it- so that will have to change shortly.

Seeing as how I’ve not actually read any of Agatha’s versions of Poirot, I feel I should make that a priority- but if one of Sophie’s were to crop up…

Any suggestions?

At the moment, especially whist my funemployment is reigning, I may as well make sure of my spare time by soaking in books. Do you have any particular favourites you’d like to point out? They don’t have to be fiction, or within the genres I’ve already covered. Just send me a message, or comment, the book, the author, and why you’d recommend it.

Got a suggestion?

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