Knitting Update | Missing, Meeting & Missives

I’m not the fastest knitter in the world, so I think a monthly knitting round-up makes sense.

So what have I been up to this June?

KU June

Missing My Needles & Stash

For nearly ten years now, I’ve had my knitting needles and stash near by.

Not just for the sake of project development- but as it knitting is a great reliever for me.

As a fiddly person I have ‘restless’ hands; when I’m relaxed or interested it’s easy enough to keep them busy- but when I’m nervous or sad or frustrated I really need something for my hands.

The past month hasn’t been without its events. From Poppa passing, to moving, to interviews, and having to cope with being by myself for long periods of time. In short some of this month has not been easy.

Other parts of this last month have been amazing, and have confirmed that the move to Ireland is for the best interests of myself and my partner.

My stash and needles are still over in the UK. The needles are in a little fold out wooden case, very chique, and my wools and yarns are vacuum packed. So they’re all safe and sound, just too far away for me to do anything.

Gift for Grandma

When I flew back to the UK for the funeral, to keep Grandma company on the first few nights afterwards, she mentioned that she liked my hat.


Yes- my Pussyhat.

I tried to explain the relevance of it, but I don’t think that interested her. I think the bright colour and interesting shape was more that caught her eye.

Upon my return to Cork I found the Vibes & Scribes craft shop- not to be mixed up with the two charming book shops- for a good quality wool and some needles. I was in luck, and found a Sublime aran weight on offer- the right shade of pink for Grandma.

It’s a gorgeous wool to work with; it’s a 100% natural wool, spin and made up in England. It does recommend a 5mm needle, but I’m a tight knitter so I go up a .5 as standard. The shade I bought is 423 Dilly, 50g for €1.99 (£1.75 or US $2.27)- for a 100% wool yarn that is practically giving it away!

The texture is different, to my previous Pussyhats, but I don’t think this is a bad thing. The previous hats used a King Cole yarn with recycled denim in it (I can’t remember the name), it knitted up beautifully and produced a stiffer material, even though it was aran weight on the same size needles. The stitch definition was clearer with the denim yarn as well, I think the Sublime would lend itself well to felting.

Copy of KU June

My target is to finish it off by the end of next week- which can’t be too hard. I’m hoping to send it to Grandma along with the weekly long letter that I’m sending. Poppa used to write weekly with my Younger Brother (YB), a practice he started when YB was at boarding school. They were quiet the pen pals, I’ve seen the sheets of  missives and newspaper snippings.

When I returned to Cork I set myself to write to Grandma every Monday and post it at the very latest Tuesday; although she’s not as technophobic as some people her age there is a certain quality to receiving a letter. I’ve also popped in postcards, vistas around Cork and Ireland, as an avid painter of landscapes I hope she enjoys them.

Once the hat is finished I’m going to bundle it up, hopefully with a few other pieces she’ll enjoy, and send it over with my usual letter and postcard.

Knitting Circle

As I mentioned above, it’s hard for me to get out and meet people.

As that odd mix between introvert and extrovert I need to feel secure in the place before I can strike up a conversation. The only place, other than home, is our local Wetherspoons. Although we’re very familiar with the staff by now, actually having a “usual” order on Sundays, it’s kind of their job to be smiley and sociable.

Belov’d has it easy, as he works with other people he’s getting on with making friends easily. He’s drawing the line between work life and social life, which is fair and understandable, but having neither is making me a bit envious.

So I looked for a knitting circle.

The one in Cork city meets twice a week, Sunday morning and Thursday afternoon- and has about 30 members. Easily the biggest knitting circle I’ve been to. So I plucked up the courage, and met them over a pint of cider.

They’re wonderful and welcoming, as I think most knitting circles are. From what I understand there’s a scarf doing the rounds at the moment, an aran weight lace piece- it maybe part of their initiation at this rate!



What I love about it is that you’re in a group of people with a shared interest. That help you figure out a pattern that looks a bit confusing, that compare things like needles and yarns and places to buy them, going on stash diets (ie not buying any more wool!), and sharing life experiences. Cider and knitting is a great combination.


Needless to say I’ll be going back next week.

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