The Good Fight

Beautiful description of fight against addiction.

The Recovery Republic

Battling addiction is a fight. I’ve been in a fair few scraps over the years, some physical, some mental and some sports based, but trying to stay clean from substances of any sort is a different ballgame all together. Its a fight but a good fight, that’s if you win however, nevertheless I believe its the toughest one you can ever face, and its one that feels like it will never end.

When I left rehab last time I remember tussling with my own mind and thoughts related to using just days after leaving, and although I was able to resist them (for a while) I knew I was involved in a monumental battle and one which would determine the course of my life.

I am a big boxing fan and I relate boxing to battling addiction and staying abstinent. Ding ding, Round one, you are fresh and ready to “smash…

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