Shakespeare Sunday | 090717

SS 090717

โ€œSummer’s lease hath all too short a date.โ€ Sonnet 18.

We all have a special kind of relationship to summer. Mine isn’t as positive as others; I burn easily as I mentioned before, the heat doesn’t sit well with me, and I will never have one of those ‘beach bodies’ people go on about – do you pick them up at Debenhams?

Either way, summer is elusive, even now in early July it’s slipping away. It’s getting cooler here- to the point where wearing a jumper isn’t an unusual thing.

Happy Sunday x

19 thoughts on “Shakespeare Sunday | 090717

  1. I actually agree with this so much. Summer is not my forte either. Fair skin makes for a bad time! The simplicity of this post was very nice.

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  2. I think season doesnโ€™t matter.It is How we think and see it from our own perspective But in summer we are more outside. Everyone enjoys holidays!

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  3. Oh, I feel quite the same about summer. I am quite happy when summer is rainy or at least cloudy
    . Bright sunlight gives me a headache and I burn very quickly. Good read ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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