Shakespeare Sunday | 160717

SS 160717

“Beauty is bought by judgement of the eye.” Love’s Labour’s Lost, his Shakeyness.

A few of Shakespeare’s pieces reiterate this message, most famously Sonnet 130. At first read he compares his, presumably, wife disparagingly to a selection of beauty standards. Looking in more detail, especially the last stanza, you see that in fact he praises that he loves her for her own beauty, not something overly romanticised or impossible.

It’s curious how that message, of loving who you are, is still something people struggle with today. Whether it is your race, size, orientation, or religion we still compare ourselves, and others, to these dizzy goddess like social standards.

Sadly, if this is something Shakespeare wrote about, around 1588-1597 so 420 + years ago, I doubt there’ll be much more progress in my life time.

10 thoughts on “Shakespeare Sunday | 160717

  1. It goes to show how tough it is to make an impact on people. Imagine, the message still hasn’t sunk in after all these years and decades. Thanks for the reminder.

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  2. Shakespeare was a genius in his own right, and I totally agree with your take on this quote. Its hard to force people to love themselves, and if they don’t they end up making others around them uncomfortable as well. Who knows what the answer is, but I really appreciate people who talk about such things 🙂 I saw the TED talk on Shame by Brene Brown finally, and I think this is at the root of the issue of this subject, you should take a look at it on Youtube – kinda blew my mind fo sho

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