You Should Read Speaking in Bones


To your country. To your community. To your profession. To your parents. To your children. To your partner. To your pets. To your religion. To yourself.

Speaking in Bones is seeped in responsibilites. Those that are acknowledged and upheld. Those that have gone awry but with good intentions. Those that are simply ignored.

A lot of behavior in the book can be traced back to one or another responsibility. The family who left a community when they no longer felt safe. The ranger and scientist who continued their work way into their weekend. A child visiting her mother, even if it wasn’t always what she wanted to do. How a community reacts when they feel threatened. It all derives from a perceived responsibility to provide safety, comfort or answers.

In this we meet Hazel “Lucky” Strike, and find out about people who work for missing persons cases. She’s tracked down Tempe sure and is sure that she has a body from one of those cases. The two, joined with Deputy Zeb and his rather keen nosed Gunner the tracker dog, where they go on to find more body parts.

speaking in bones

This installment of Kathy Reichs’ isn’t without it’s humour though. On several occasions so pokes fun at the TV adoption of the work, “Wannabe forensic scientists and cops. Overzealous viewers of NCIS, Cold Case, CSI, and Bones.”. The usual relief through Bird and is antics as well.

Speaking In Bones has the typical Kathy traits; in depth investigations using forensics and research, with Tempe’s Sassy side coming out. What I have seen, in other reviews, is how Tempe has crossed the tropish scientific woman in a thriller character. She used to be the woman who has thrown herself into her, from her divorce, the stereotypical Squint.

But Ryan has popped the question. The Question. This throws the stereotype somewhat. Can she give up her life for him? In Canada?

It’s the question she wrestles with the entire book. Although, it’s well set out that Tempe’s life could easily be moved; Katy is now in the army and deployed, her mother is finally on the same continent as her, she already has a job in Canada, and we’ve already seen that Birdie is rather content with moving.

Copy of You Should Read

It’s another contrast on the parallel words of the books and Bones, it’s TV series, as I wrote about here, it’s curious to see the similarities and contrasts. When I had first started reading the books I was convinced that Skinny would be the book version of Seeley Booth. I’m sure a few of you are chuckling at that thought.


What I like about Kathy’s work is that it’s an addictive page turner. This is the fourth book by her I’ve read within a year. The plot is always along the same line; Tempe will hunt down the baddie, get in some form of altercation with them, but will come out victorious. But I’m not annoyed or mad about that. Along the romp I learn about all sorts of forensics, and scientific tit bits, and generally find out about an American community or culture I never would have. It’s not groundbreaking. I’m not walking away with a new perspective on life.

And you know what? I’m looking forward to my fifth Kathy book.

Got a suggestion?

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