Shakespeare Sunday | 230717

SS 230717

“Nothing will come of nothing” Shakey’s King Lear.

The simple fact that if you put nothing in, a whole lot of nothing will come back out. At the moment that relates to two things for me; job hunting, and this blog.

I give myself targets. Requirements. Accountability. Yeah, it sounds like a job, but so what? Getting a job is a job in itself. Putting my CV through the wringer every time I send it out, sculpting my covering letter, making sure that my CV is thrown at five new openings a week. One day I will get to the point where I’ve put in enough work where I get the job offer.

With the blog? Couple of reasons, really. It once was nothing. There was no¬† I wanted to write. It’s something that stays inside you, unsettled. It has to come out some how. So then I started putting things into the nothing, the void. Drips at first. Newbie and untimely. It just appeared as and when. So I became organised and polished. Curated a schedule, themes, ideas. Pixie Teeth still is new, but it’s gathering steam.


Simple- if nothing comes of nothing- then; effort, practise, and hard work will surely result in something.

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