Wednesday Wisdom | 260717

WW 260717

“I’m Death, and I make sure everyone is equal.” Godfather Death, Jacob Grimm.

The Brothers Grimm are a fascinating pair, to say the least. Not only did they help consolidate German and Scandinavian folklore during the Romantic period, but made even greater contributions to Germany and Europe. An example being the first German dictionary, The Deutsches Wörterbuchthe first time a comprehensive dictionary for the language had been produced- looking some what like we would expect these days. If you’ve read any of the original versions of the fairy tales, you won’t be too surprised about how depressing their childhood was- if you’d like to read up more about their lives clicky here.

To the quote itself!

One has to like great levellers, such as death and rain. No matter how far you get in life, or how many times you wiggle out of trouble, death will always approach you in way form or another. Like rain, you can put up your defences- raise your brolly or pop vitamin tablets- but it’s only going to delay the inevitable. That you, and millions like you, will pass on after your share of the rain.

What’s the difference?

How you fill the time before you die. The people you’ve met. The place you’ve seen. The cultures you’ve observed. So when you meet Death you can do so with open arms and a closed umbrella.

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