Wednesday Wisdom | 300817

Why do I like a quote that jogs so much in my mind? Because platonic dull sweet messages convey fuck all. A quote, a thought, a piece of art- they all need to make you stop, think, and reevaluate.


Wednesday Wisdom Round Up

A round up of the past Wednesday Wisdom quotes and posts, from Carl Sagan to Toni Morrison, from Mewtwo to Douglas Adams. Have a read of the over view- and dabble in the full posts!

Shakespeare Sunday | 200817

By far my favourite play from the Bard. I read it, saw all film/tv variations of the time, and anything related to it during my time at school preparing for GCSEs. This wasn't a voluntary situation, my whole class were put through vigorous The Scottish Play study as my English teacher had broken her arm. It was a simple case of wheeling in the tv set and putting on the tape rather than having an actual English literature teacher in for the lesson.