Shakespeare Sunday | 200817

By far my favourite play from the Bard. I read it, saw all film/tv variations of the time, and anything related to it during my time at school preparing for GCSEs. This wasn't a voluntary situation, my whole class were put through vigorous The Scottish Play study as my English teacher had broken her arm. It was a simple case of wheeling in the tv set and putting on the tape rather than having an actual English literature teacher in for the lesson. 

Wednesday Wisdom | 160817

Rum is an everyday spirit, available in various forms from; the clear typical Bacardi versions great for cocktails, to the darker coloured rums more suitable for sipping over ice. Unfortunately, rum's past is not as innocent as some people may realise.

Shakespeare Sunday | 130817

“How well he’s read, to reason against reading!” Love’s Labours Lost, good ol’ Bill. There was a time that this was true. That arguing against a well read person, someone who has studied and become knowledgeable about the subject, would be unthought of. It’d be mad! Now, well, experts are being frowned upon. Science and…… Continue reading Shakespeare Sunday | 130817