Wednesday Wisdom | 020817

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known" Carl Sagan

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known” Carl Sagan

Let me start by saying there is no way I can do this man justice in just one little blog post. What I can say, simply, is that any kind of development in astrology, astrophysics, astronomy, or astrobiology in the past 50 or so years would have some connection to Carl Sagan. Either directly, or via his many pupils or followers, Carl’s work contributions to the development of our understanding of the universe.

This quote really does sum it all up- that there is more to be known and it will be incredible.

Sagan had an undying belief that we weren’t alone in the world, and with that, he helped with the Voyager 1 in many ways. There are two significant ones I’d like to look at; the Golden Record and Pale Blue Dot.

The Golden Record is rather self-explanatory. It’s a gold disc with a summary of information about the human race on it- from depictions of how phonographs and styluses work to produce sound. From there it shows radio and TV waves, explaining how they work. Sagan sat on the board that helped design this first contact piece, keen on setting up a way of communication. To read more, click here.

Pale Blue Dot is his very apt description of Earth from the below image, taken by Voyager 1;

The Pale Blue Dot photograph taken by Voyager 1
Earth has been circled to give you a hint of where we are.

Arguably the image that Voyager 1 is most famous for. The photograph was taken  6 billion kilometres (3.7 billion miles) from Earth, and only a minuscule amount of the pixels actually show it (something like .12). Voyager 1 had finished its original mission and was trucking on out of communication- but at the request of Sagan turned its camera back for a farewell image. He went on to write about it, mixing in philosophy with the current knowledge of the solar system. If you’d like to read more about Sagan’s book click here or about the photograph click here.

14 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom | 020817

  1. Everything is connected in this Universe… It is also nice to know that people were thinking about something you think right now many years before. They did not have the answers, though, but it is still reassuring enough

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