Shakespeare Sunday | 060817

SS 060817

“I’ll teach you differences” King Lear- his Shakiness.

Shakespeare was writing in the time scientific time of taxonomy, where things are compared to one another to create their own classification. So this declaration from Kent to Oswald would be typical of an Earl’s education. This could have given away his disguise, as he was dressed as Caius in A1 S4, and a peasant wouldn’t have been as educated.

The science of taxonomy is rather fascinating, and I think is summed up by common saying;

If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and looks like a duck- it’s a duck

Which of course isn’t always true. It was an early science after all, and with the contemporary philosophy at the time was a sound way of making sense of the world. Of course these days it’s seen as rather flawed, for example;

Elephants are grey and have tails, but not everything that is grey and with a tail is an elephant.

Criticise it a much as much as I like it was the founding principal for the more detailed organisation of biological flora and fauna as science developed with a greater focus on genetics rather than physical similarities. If you want to find out more, here is the Wiki page!

9 thoughts on “Shakespeare Sunday | 060817

  1. Wow – you just posted the essence of a whole chapter of my master study script in research method (starting with what does science mean/ what is science) in one page 😉
    I remember King Lear at the Globe theatre in London with my class during my A-Level (or the German equivalent). Our teacher was too stingy to buy tickets for the upper level so we stood in front of the stage. They used fake blood during the show and I was standing right before the stage to see anything. I did not recognized that I was covered with fake blood after the show and asked myself why people stared at me in the underground.
    My plan is one day to visit the Globe again and have the money for the balconies and a seat there 😀

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  2. Things are not usually as people think or assume it is. We need to always look beyond the ordinary. Very interesting post. Love the way you come across with your writing.

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  3. You’re right! We have definitely evolved since this time, and I appreciate every foundation that leads us to new breaking ground. The key is to use discoveries and developments to do good and not evil.

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