Shakespeare Sunday |270817

Reads "Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall" from Measure for Measure by Shakespeare.

“Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall.” Measure for Measure by dearest Bill.

Measure for Measure is one of those plays that I think people, especially young people, need to see. Not only for tidbits like this one but the general over arching message of the play, just because you’re in a position of power doesn’t make you morally correct.

In this world where people get to high places by doing low deeds, whilst pure people get jailed is still common place. It was true in Shakespeare’s time and it’s still happening now- just look at the hypocritical self-censoring sloth in chief of America or the hapless lot that is running the Brexit negotiations for the UK. Do you really think these people got themselves there with pure hearts and the public interest in mind?

Another part that is still rife from Measure for Measure is the role of women. Not to mention how the women, in general, are looked up as objects with only the social standing of what ever male relative was near by. As an example; if the original execution order had gone through Juliet would be the single mother to a fatherless child, then she’d be subjected to social and religious ostracism. This still happens now, on many levels from single mothers generally being scorned, to preventing them from entering competitions (for example up until recently the Irish competition Rose of Tralee didn’t accept single mothers).

4 thoughts on “Shakespeare Sunday |270817

  1. Hey there – for your great posts like Shakespeare Sunday I would like to nominate your blog for the Mystery Blogger Award. You can find more informations here 🙂
    Just looked up for “Maß für Maß” as the piece is called in German – this one I did not read so far. But it sounds very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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