Job Hunt, The Successful Pursuit!

So- why are my posts inconsistently late? Other than my holibob to Corsia, more here, it’s because my job hunt is over! To continue my lion hunting metaphor, I have sunk my metaphorical teeth into the beast that is customer and technical support- and I don’t plan to let go anytime soon.

Before diving in do you want to read the blogs that preceded this one? First was Job Hunt, Taking Down the Beast followed up by Job Hunt, Surviving the Stalk.

The header image introducing the blog, it's got a silhouette of a deer against some lovely foliage!

How did it go?

Like a lot of technical jobs there were multiple interviews, based on a selection of skills.

Phone screening

Sounds straightforward, and it was. I spoke to the recruiter at Voxpro and it was a thoroughly pleasant conversation. We discussed the role itself, what I’d be doing, and the roles I have had previously. We had arranged it via email previously, so like a good hunter I had prepared the relevant notes.

Online Testing

As this was for a technical role I did need to prove a few things. First of all through a quiz like set up, a bit like an aptitude test that also included touch typing (69wpm fuck yeah).

Second, and the one that made me most nervous, was a video one. After logging into a website I had to do a one-sided interview with my own laptop- and it was nerve-racking. What I like about interviews is simple- you can react off another person. There are interactions. With this, I was in a quiet room talking to a screen. Of course, it would have to happen when I was having a bad hair day!

Group Interview

There are two types of group interviews, in my mind, the kind where there is only one job on offer and the other when there is multiple. Thankfully this was later, and they made it very clear during the processes.

The morning was broken down into different parts, that covered a variety of things that the interviews would find useful to see.

First was an inevitable icebreaker! We had to bring an object in and talk about how it represents us for about two minutes. I bought this in;

The knitted cowl I took as part of my group interview.
There’s a link to my Raverly project below!

If you want to see the project in more detail, have a click and see it on Raverly!

It’s a cowl that I not only knitted but also designed. It encompasses a lot about me in a variety of ways;

  • Learning new techniques (such as colour anchoring)
  • Creating and executing a design
  • Skulls
    • I spent a year studying how to sketch- a popular subject being skulls
    • They’ve stuck with me
  • Scandinavian influences

I explained that one of the main reasons I designed the cowl was that I couldn’t find any cowls I liked, mainly as I found the designs lacking. On the whole, I used up my two minutes well, with some interest, I even had one person come up and ask me to teach her how to knit.

The middle part of the group exercise was in groups. One of the group was blindfolded, and the others had to guide them to draw an image. It was interesting and painful all at the same time. Considering it, it was an easy way of seeing how well we not only worked in a team, developed our strategies, and communicated with each other.

Finally, we had a more typical interview situation. The fairly typical questions, “what makes you an ideal candidate?”, “using an example from a previous role, explain how you handled an aggressive customer?”, that kind of thing.

That was held on Friday, and by the Monday I had already been offered and accepted the job.

Where did you find this job??

The referral program, I’ll be working with Belov’d- but not directly.

Belov’d works with language specialisation, so German in his case, and I’ll be in with the English only speaking team. It did concern us, how closely we’d be working together, but laying down some ground rules meant that we could work round that;

  1. Take breaks at different times
    1. If we do bump into each other then, to only sit down next to one another if suggested (hand wave)
  2. Where possible take different shifts
    1. Seeing as how Belov’d has set times to his shift I can work around that easily
  3. Shop talk ends at dinner
    1. We can whine and talk about work, but not past the time our dishes are clean!

So far these have worked well.

Just a sec, who do you work for?

Funny thing that- I work for an outsourcing company, so taking care of things for other businesses. Some places are very open about having an outsourcing company take care of their customer service, and others not so much- and I work for the second kind.

The only things I can say is that my previous experiences, working with applications for businesses and legal companies, has become very useful!

Takeaways for the whole experience?

First and foremost, that I have repeated from my first post about this, is to stay positive and active.

Manage yourself, in both time and expectations. This makes living with unemployment so much easier, yeah it’s still painfully tedious and expensive but it’s a bit better than it could be.

Explore all your avenues, for example, I used Belov’d’s referral scheme. You may find that your friends and family workplace’s have a similar situation. It’s worth a try!

Get a hobby, preferably something lost cost- but you have a lot of time on your hands so you may as well put it to good use!

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