Wednesday Wisdom | 200917

A tulip in an art nouveau esq frame around the William Morris quote

“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.” William Morris.

Does his name sound familiar? If you, like myself, spent countless hours watching The Antiques Roadshow you may find it does ring a bell. He was a prolific designer in the art nouveau and craft movements. Morris, and his workshop, created a collection of beautifully handmade items, ranging from paintings to functional furniture.

Some big names that were influenced by William Morris include Laura Ashley and my Mum.

Mum loves art nouveau style, and every time I see a fluid natural line, like the borders on the graphic above, I’m reminded of her. There was a phase when the siblings and I would buy cards from a specific range for her, as they had everything that typified the movement. The complex patterns, rich earthy tones, and multiple nature stylised lines.

That aside, what Morris says is true. Instead of focusing on the big and terrible things in life- taking a moment to appreciate the small and natural can make life feel so much better. Whether it’s noticing the moss on a tree, how the sun hits the skyline, or just how the barista at the coffee shop already knows your order. Taking time to appreciate these things isn’t frivolous, in fact, I’d say it’s something we all should do.

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