Wednesday Wisdom | 270917

3 ways of saying the famous Rene Descartes quote: in Latin "Cogito ergo sum", in French "Je pense, doc je suis", and in English "I think therefore I am".

Rene Descartes three ways! Latin, “cogito ergo sum”, French “Je pense, donc je suis”, and English “I think therefore I am”.

It’s rather handy having a philosopher next to you. When I mentioned that I was going to use the Rene Descartes Belov’d piped up about all the different variations of the infamous term. The first iteration was the French one, logically as Descartes was French, read “Je pense, doc je suis”. It was published in The Discourse on Methods, 1637. That was later followed up with “…sit hoc pronunciatum, Ego sum, ego existo… necessario esse verum.”, in English “… that the statement, I am, I exist,… is necessarily true.” in Mediations on First Philosophy.

As everyone who was anyone at the time Rene was around spoke either French or Latin, it was highly unlikely he ever said I think therefore I am. To describe it in Belov’d’s words, English was used in the “bizarre fringe island just off the coast”, so not by civilised philosophers.

But you know me, I like to compare and think about things in the modern day. I know we can all think of at least one unthinking person we’d all like to pop out of existence…

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