Wednesday Wisdom | 251017

WW 251017

“Where this is no imagination there is no horror.” Sir Arthur Canon Doyle

Before we get down to business- a quick note on how Knightships are thought about in American controlled media. The website I found this on noted the author of the quote as Arthur Conan Doyle. No. He is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He was knighted by The King Of England (and the other realms), King Edward VII. This should be recognised It pisses me off when Netflix doesn’t have “Sir David Attenborough” only “David Attenborough”. He has been knighted for the very work it is showing. It is immensely disrespectful to not have his proper name and title.

Anyway- so a great example of this is Sir Conan Doyle’s “Hound of The Baskervilles” in its many variations; from the books, to the movies, to the latest version with Benedict Cumberwaffle. The hype of the imagination blows something simple out of proportion- after all things are elementary my dear (Watson).

My personal example is when I’m about to sleep. As I mentioned before I need to listen to some kind of white noise. If not I hear a noise and my mind expands it past all limitations. I hear what would be a simple rattle from a strong gust of wind. There are killer spiders in the wall. Must pull bed away from wall. Must check wall is secure from killer spiders. Must not sleep with head towards wall. Sleep other way round. Still paranoid there are spiders. Sadly not the first time that’s happened. Now that Belov’d is with me it’s much better.

In a larger way, the toddlers in their respective playpen countries use this to their advantage. Imagination is a more powerful tool than fact. It is so easy to play in the minds of those too simple to accept actual facts. To label things as “fake” to help feed that imagination people are too childish to leave.

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