Wednesday Wisdom |011117

Reads "Time flies like an arrow- fruit flies like a banana" Anthony Oettinger

“Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.” Anthony Oettinger

Sometimes you just need to add a bit of wordplay to change your perspective. The quote was rather charming and I couldn’t help use it.

Anthony Oettinger himself was a rather fascinating chap, his wiki page is here. Anthony was born at just as Hitler’s rise to power was starting. His French mother and German father took notice and fled at first to France then on to New York. Here Anthony learned his third language, English, after German and French.

His love affair of languages, maths, and then technology took off. At Harvard he left after receiving A.B. summa cum laude in 1951, having studied Spanish and French literature, Russian, economics and mathematics. With this in mind, he combined it all to start on an automated dictionary (this is the man I need to thank in Dyslexica & Dyspraxia, a Note from An Owner). He joined Havard as a professor and became the youngest tenured one at 31 years old.

The above quote is one Anthony used to highlight syntactic ambiguity, and thus the issues of setting up a computer to check spelling and grammar.

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