Six months on…

So it’s roughly six months since I moved to Ireland.

It’s not been so smooth but there is definitely highlights. I thought that it would be a good time to look at the what I miss and what I like about my new home.

Six Months on... from moving to Ireland
On the left is West Gate Canterbury and the right is the arch at St. Stephen’s Green in Dublin.

In no particular order…

I miss…


Specifically knowing that Amazon Prime was a complete package- right from next day delivery (freeeee), streaming of music and videos, and reading materials. Now in Ireland, it’s ‘you may have it in a few days’, and patchy on-demand services- I can’t watch Vikings 😥

What makes it worse is there is no You have to use a European variation to get an accurate(ish) idea of pricing. Or you’d pay in Sterling at a poor exchange rate.

Then you’ve got the fun of seeing if they even deliver to you. Such joys.


It doesn’t deliver here.

There’s only one store.

In Dublin.

Four hours away.

Knowing the high street

Things like knowing which shops have what. It’s strange how annoying it is to know you want something- but haven’t the foggiest where to find it. Especially as the above is in effect. I miss Wilkos and Asda the most I have to admit.

Having an understanding of the money

Six months in and I’m still having to convert costs to get an idea of it’s worth. Is €4.50 a good price for a coffee… or is it city pricing? Without a phone (still) it’s difficult to tell!

Where’s the 4G???

When I did have my phone that was my constant question.

Seriously I had 4G in the middle of nowhere- and we’ve not got it at one of the biggest cities in the country?

My Family

Of course, I miss my family- I’m not an animal.

It wasn’t too bad at first after I came home from the funeral. It was when my phone died that I realised how much I missed them. That I couldn’t just message one of them, or post silly photos as easily. It’s odd how that morning scroll threw Whatsapp made it feel like my family were still only half an hour away.

This was a good time for me to leave. I’m old enough to able to move away, and to appreciate it. Young enough to know, and readily admit, I miss them being so close.

What I rather enjoy…

Living in a city

I had lived for some time in a town, but most of my life I’d lived in a village. It’s a strange but thrilling thing to be living in a city with so many options.

Want to go out for dinner? You have hundreds, hundreds, of places to choose from.

Want to do something? You have a huge selection of places and things to do.

Want to meet people like you? You can find so many different clubs and groups it’s amazing.

The beer

There’s a plethora of microbreweries! Not to mention the pubs that sell them as well. I suppose having so many higher education locations, not just the uni, along with several international HQs it’s a great location for beer to flow.

The people

They’re so warm and helping. To be fair I think most people are if you give them the time and chance to be. The melting pot of people means there’s so many cultures and thoughts and ideas.

The events

For example the jazz festival and Halloween’s Shandon Dragon parade. There’s always something happening. If you’re free on a weekend, there will be some kind of event planned. This is where I would put the photos from the Jazz Festival and the Shandon Dragon below…


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