Blog Round Up | Best of 2017

Blog Round Up Best of 2017

It’s the time of the year when we look back over the year. These are the top five blog posts of Pixie Teeth this year! Not read them all? Don’t worry, they’re going to be around for a while.

Title image; Bitesized Blog | Subject Verb Object Part 1

Starting at number five Bitesized Blog | Subject Verb Object- Part One.

The first of my very short Bitesized blog series, about the wonderful Subject Verb Object.

Have a snippet…

Anthologies, for me, are quickly consumed, piece by piece, but then deliberately digested. I can’t possibly have a whole one in a sitting!

"Pokemon, an underestimated teacher" a Blog on Pixie Teeth

Pokemon, an underestimated teacher takes fourth place! I have to admit that it’s one of my favourite pieces as it came from a Twitter conversation with a science educator!

In the anime, and slightly touched upon in the game, is the concern for environmental protection. A good example within the anime is the first major episode about Grimer, the toxic slime Pokemon

Social Steralisation

Following the blog that was inspired by social media, third place is Social Media Sanity. I talk about how, in this day and age, you can stay sane whilst using social media.

If something doesn’t quite add up, be it a piece of news or controversial meme, don’t take it at face value. Check it.

Why not take a read, and see how you can clear your mind and stay in contact with the people who matter.

You Should MM

The second in my series of You Should is You Should Listen To… Melanin Millennials is in second place.

One thing that came up in Reni Eddo-Lodge appearance, Black Women Are So Loud, was that it’s not PoC responsibility to sit down and instruct white people.

I know that the ladies have gone their separate ways in terms of the podcast. Satia I think maybe picking it back up in the future. If not there is a whole bank of episodes available!

Sir David Attenborough saying "Perhaps it's time to control the population, to allow the survival of the environment"
Sir David A telling it like it is

First place goes to one of my oldest blogs, one that was from before the time I did title images! 5 Reasons Why I’m… Childfree has had the most hits of any of my blogs, Wednesday Wisdoms, or Shakespeare Sundays.

That they should wait until they’re older, in case they get married and in case their partner wants kids.


An abstract, possible non existent man, has more influence over a woman’s body than she does.

So what do you think? That’s my top 5 of blogs of 2017 as per traffic on my site. Is your favourite one in here?

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