Resolutions are for screens

I’m setting targets.

Every year the fad of setting resolutions comes in. Within weeks people are disheartened and generally give up. Leaving them less confident and generally with a lighter wallet. As Belov’d and I discussed if you haven’t spent money have you even done anything?

Resolutions are for Screens

So this year, instead of getting pissed off by 15th that I haven’t miraculously lost weight, going to actually hit the gym, or can juggle I’ve decided to take a different approach. Instead of resolutions I’m setting myself reasonable targets to do by the end of year.

Get my knit on

I’m going to knit a jumper. Possibly more than one.

This has been something that I’ve wanted to do for years. After all it’s one thing wearing a scarf, hat, or mittens that you’ve knitted. To conquer a technique that others didn’t dare to take on. Or even happily gift your work to others who aren’t obliged to love it- Belov’d you’re biased but I still love you!

So whilst in the awesome Vibes & Scribes I found a book. Not any old book but “You Can Knit That, Foolproof Instructions for Fabulous Sweaters” by a Amy Herzog find her page here. Not only was I caught by the very positive title and tagline but these two particular items grabbed my eye:


Aren’t they the cutest jumpers our ever seen? You know what? I am going to be wearing at least one of them by the end of 2018. As the introduction states- if I can make a rectangular scarf with increases and decreases I can do it.


Gonna code this up

I work with tech. I should code. This shall change.

Now I’m working on it as we speak, or read as it were. You’ll read about it in more detail soon, but I’m working through freeCodeCamp for a start. I’ve gotten through the early HTML, CSS, and basic Java Script- now we’re onto the maths. This is the hard part for me. I hate maths.

Obviously my attitude to this will have to change- but it’s not going to be over night. It won’t just occur. I’d like to have completed the ‘Frontend developer’ part by the end of the year. I don’t know, just yet if I will go on to do the back end or take a different route. I’m thinking, after speaking to people on Twitter and in general, that Node JS or Python maybe. Let’s get my hack.


Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Cos I don’t really- YET.

I’m not looking to become C2 or anything. Just looking to possibly get to the B stage by the end of the year. Obviously I’m marrying a German, so I should be able to converse with my new family in their language.

Also, when we visit Germany, to feel more confident about being in Germany. So I don’t have to ask Belov’d or Google what things are, what was just said, or why does that thing have a funny name? Depending on how the future goes we may very well live in Germany- so getting my confidence up is going to happen.


Have you got any plans for the new year?

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