Shakespeare Sunday | 070117

"Let every man be master of his time." Macbeth

“Let every man be master of his time.” Macbeth inĀ The Scottish Play by the Shakespeare

Let’s have some context to the whole thing, this is from Act 3 Scene 1 just after Banquo exists the room to go on the ride with his son. Macbeth, under the guise of saying he’s keeping himself busy until the banquet later, lets everyone know (as he’s hosting the Royal party) that they’re free to do as they please. This way it’s not unusual if no one sees him, when he’s out knobbling his best mate.

Anyway I think it’s a rather suitable for the first Shakespeare Sunday of the year. It’s when we’re putting those resolutions on ourselves, to better us in one way or another. Personally I think one of the biggest things you can impalement is making use of your time. That way you can do those crazy things you set yourself to do. Whether it’s running a marathon, or knitting a jumper. If you manage yourself properly, be the master of your own time, anything can be achieved.

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