Shakespeare Sunday | 140118

"I am as vigilant as cat to steal cream" Henry VI, with a picture of a kitty cat

“I am as vigilant as a cat to steal cream” Henry VI by Shakespeare

That wide eyed concentration you cat has when it’s about to strike is wonderful. Having played with a cat multiple times I can attest to the stream lined focus they can have once they’re locked in. Especially with food. The strangest thing for me these days is to open a can of tuna and not to have Jups at my feet.

A great writer picks wonderful similes like this. A simile doesn’t need to be exotic or barely heard of to work. If anything that prevents it being effective. No. It needs to be something that everyone is aware of. To invoke that thought, to be able to compare it. After all I will never have the cold touch of gold bars on my fingers, but I’m very aware of the cool rush of touching a cooled glass.

As they say, write what you know!


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