Wednesday Wisdom | 310118

"It's a basic truth of the human condition that everybody lies. The only variable is about what." Greg House, House

“It’s a basic truth of the human condition that everybody lies. The only variable is about what.” Greg House, House

I came to House late. I think series three. Season. Whatever. Although by then the plot was so formulaic you could time it.

Person was fine. Person got sick. Person got to House. House didn’t like them (most of the time). House had then run all the tests. House tried something unusual/risky. Person got worse. House does some thinking. House does something unusual/risky to himself. House works it out. House cures the person. House gets bored as the issue isn’t there any more.

Although I’ve watched it towards then end, they pretty much follow the same tune. There was some interpersonal tensions added in for variation. It was comfortable viewing, I felt the buzz of intelligence and the murmur of “I know what that means”. It was the medical follow up to the popular CSI formula I suppose.

What I did adore was Hugh Laurie. In fact I remember watching an interview of his with another non American host on one of those late night interview shows they have in America. Where he started off in his House accent then gradually slipped in to the comfortable slippers that his Etonian accent must feel like. Then the click as the audience realised.

Even smol me realised the truth in what was the crux of Greg House’s character. General mistrust. Solidified with my late teen years. I find it difficult to trust anyone. Even my own family- hi Mum! I always think of this when I read all though #squadgoals, #friendshipgoals, and #bffgoals as I’ve never really had of them. Even before I was burnt by my best friend I kept people at distance. I just struggle with understanding long term friendship.

Perhaps it’s because I’m just not a nice person.

Then I can’t forget the opening credits. Teardrop. It’s been covered a few times and I adore each iteration. Below is Massive Attack’s version:

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