Shakespeare Sunday | 110218

"Ay, is it not a language I speak?" 'Alls Well That Ends Well' Shakespeare

“Ay, is it not a language I speak?” Alls Well That Ends Well Shakespeare

It’s not a play I’m all that familiar with. I’ve spent most of the time I give over for Shakespeare quote hunting and context placing to working out why one of the characters has two names. Lafew and Lafeu. The man of multiple names was a reasonably well ranking French nobleman who regularly advises the King and his peers.

Anyway, continuing my recent theme of language appreciation I thought it would be an interesting Shakespeare Sunday. It is funny how frequently I discuss with Irish and American colleagues, in English, and yet we’re not 10% sure what the others are saying. There is a huge cultural interpretation of certain things. Some of what I would consider to be perfectly pleasant would be out right blunt and rude to my American colleagues.

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