Happy Galentines

Lesley from Parks and Rec asking "What's Galentine's Day?"
Thanks Lesley ;D

Other, than of course the best day ever, it’s a time when women celebrate other women.

"I'm going to highlight a few women that I find to be an inspiration"

The origin story

So as you’re reading this part you either haven’t watched “Parks and Rec” or genuinely forgot about it.

So in “Parks and Rec” Lesley Knope, the main character above, celebrate other women and female friends. In the show itself they explicitly make time away from their male other halves to see their female friends and eat breakfast food. All of which sounds fair.

It’s been a while since I watched the exact episode, so can’t say if it’s a direct rebuke of Valentines day. It probably is- what with the timing and all.

Time to chuck back the bucks fizz

So to celebrate that blog day lands on Galentine’s Day I’m going to highlight a few women that I find to be an inspiration. Not all of them, cos I’m lazy.

Lesley Knope

The lady who started it all so I think it’s only logical. She’s got an unquenchable thirst to do the right thing and do it by the book. She’s progressed in many ways as a person, a friend, a colleague, a boss, a wife and a mother. She maybe fictional but we’ve all got to start some where.

Kelechi Okafor

Also known as The Kelechnekoff for her quick outspoken attitude to- well white privilege and patriarchy. A self describe womanist, which is a wonderful term, she made her name through her dancing. She made her way up and through the world of men to own a successful dance studio in London. She’s graceful and badass all rolled into one- and I love following her on Twitter- @kelechnekoff.

Deborah Frances-White

Every week I get a dose of Deborah down my ears thanks to her wonderful podcast- The Guilty Feminist.  They moved me with the FGM episode, and bought me to tears of laughter with the recent one about “Strength”. I’m informed and kept abreast of issues, thoughts, and news I never realised I should have known about, or never would have.

My reasons for including her are two fold. She broke out of the most ‘acceptable’ cult going, The Jehovah’s Witnesses, to be a happier person. Secondly, Deborah isn’t a shining globe of feminist perfection. There is literally a section of each show where they confess about the un-feminist things they’ve done that week. It’s humanising for both ends of the headphones to know the person I’m looking up to is trying just as hard as I am to put these ideals into practise.

My Grandma, My Mum, &  My Sister

We’ve had a lot of drama and uncertainty in the family over the past year and they both held themselves with so much grace.

After loosing someone who had been by her side for decades my Grandma has been the epitome of grace. She’s taking leaps and bounds into new technology and becoming familiar with previously unknown things. She has a zeal for life that I, her granddaughter can’t match.

My Mum, everyone looks up to their mother way or another, I’ve come to respect more and more as I’ve grown up. Considering the career that she’s had and what she’s done for herself and her family.

My sister for working full time and still get an amazing degree, whilst saving for a house! I don’t know if they’ll read this- but at the same time I don’t think that matters.

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