You Should | Watch Queer Eye

I’m going to be talking about one of the Netflix’s latest, and most wholesome, additions. There will be ‘spoiler’ esq bits discussed. If you’d rather not read those then please go no further- if you’re happy to read ahead please do.

You Should QE

Wholesome Trending

The trend of ‘wholesome’ posting, and viewing, and what not, has really come about recently. Primarily because we kind of needed it. With a world filled with Trump, Brexit, and what ever the hell is going on in North Korea we need something positive.

So if you’re not familiar with wholesome below is an example of some { { W H O L E S O M E } m e m e s } }

Bob Ross being wholesome

Bob Ross does feature quiet heavily which isn’t a bad thing let’s be honest. You’re getting the idea though?

But it’s just a makeover show- how’s that wholesome?

Well, the previous incarnation of this show was pretty 2D and just didn’t do it for me. Possibly because I didn’t gel with that versions presenters. Some straight guy was selected, and done up by the five gay guys. The end. Queer Eye however rehauls the lot.

The Fab Five, as they’re called collectively, look and coach the guys about their actual issues. Instead of covering up problems with designer clothes they’re exploring the root of them. Hell one of the guys this series was decked out in stuff from Target (which is a bit like TK Maxx).

Facing fears forging friendships

The fab five, currently¬† Bobby Berk, design expert; Antoni Porowski, food expert; Jonathan Van Ness, grooming expert; Tan France, fashion expert and Karamo Brown, culture expert; focused a lot of their work in the state of Georgia this season. If you don’t already know Georgia is one of the more southern states- which (generally speaking) have some negative views on well…


Queer Eye Cast
From L-R Bobby, Karamo, Antoni, Jonathan, and Tan

… openly gay and people of colour.

However, they frequently worked against the stereotypes and bridged gaps. The majority of the men they worked with on the series said (in some repeatedly) that they had been bought up to see homosexuality as a sin. After meeting the Fab Five they realised how mistaken those teaching were.

The guys getting the make overs weren’t the only ones changing heart. Karamo openly admitted he was worried about making over a white cop in Georgia. Actually the episode opened with him driving the truck, and being pulled over by a white aggressive cop. Telling him to get out the car. I was terrified. Part of me knew if anything had happened they wouldn’t have edited it. The other part was petrified. The chap that received the make over that episode and Karamo talked in depth about the relationship that black men and white cops have. It was touching and developing for everyone.

What they did every where was breaking gay stereotypes. Gay men aren’t all flamboyant pink wearing divas, they’re as diverse as the rainbow is wide. One of the things I loved most of all about this version of Queer Eye was the diversity of the Fab Five this time round. Each doing well in his own field.

Mattresses to confidence they do it all

What I loved was that they was a lot of focus on how just small achievable steps can make a noticeable difference. Sleeping on a bed that helps with you back condition so you can tour round car shows without being in pain. Want to still be yourself whilst being the face of a new app? These clothes are still you but also work for the formal occasions. After your father and grandmother passed away family traditions are slipping away- start these get togethers back up with this awesome mac and cheese recipe.

It’s so wholesome, and totally worth watching. Currently available on Netflix!

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