Shakespeare Sunday | 180318

"There is no darkness but ignorance" Twelfth Night by Shakespeare

“There is no darkness but ignorance” Twelfth Night by Shakespeare

I really like this Canva frame.

Normally I have like a little theme over the Wednesday Wisdom and Shakespeare Sunday. Not this week, purely because there’s nothing no universal thing or joining event going on. So I just had a look through some good quotes.

This one really struck a chord. At the end of the day stupidity is some what excusable. However outright honest and unapologetic ignorance not so much. Stupidity is the unknowing of being unknowing in my eyes. You just simply weren’t aware. However, ignorance is being aware but not accepting, acknowledging or learning it. This ranges from facts to feelings. There will be people who simply won’t accept facts, shunning them for their own fiction- there is no such thing as alternative facts. Or refusing to accept that other people have feelings based on things that they can not comprehend. Empathetic ignorance is a thing.

I’m sure we can all think of an orange baby that fits that bill well.

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