Baking Update | Moving on Up, Baking on In

Got to admit- moving was a great improvement on my baking!

The temperature is more stable here- meaning that the Steve was a lot more comfortable, and Steve’s new fren Stanley. So much so he popped out of his air tight container this morning:

Stanley, or Steve Jr., was made in anticipation for our upcoming event. We’ll be having a kind of house warming on Friday. Although we won’t be putting a spread on I’ll be making my office known pretzels. I don’t know what it is, possibly the oven, the pretzels are looking much better:

As you can see, with Pizzasheen for scale.

But I’ve also been trying out new things. First of all, knot bread. Instead of just plopping the dough into the loaf tin- I decided to change it up. Below is the result of the first attempt:

It added a lovely shape to the loaf! So I decided to, as usual, push out the boat a bit more. The next time I caramelised garlic. I spent half an hour bashing garlic and mincing it afterwards- then saute it off. Once it was nice and soft, and not as pungent (as Belov’d complained!), adding a big ol’ slab of butter and brown sugar. It caramelises quickly- let it cooled whilst shaped out the bread. Next time, I’ll do it with onion- as the garlic is still a bit strong! Possibly even processes it to a paste- and leftovers make a great spread:

I’m thinking of a different way around of the knot bread, making it a singular layer. Also… let’s see what we can do about steam- the oven is big enough.

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