Pixie & Me


I started this blog back in August 2016 as an outlet for all the things I wanted to write about. Back then it was pretty unstructured, and was a “as and when” basis- so very messy!

Since then I have stepped up my game! Working on writing and posting regularly as well as managing a social media presence. Previously I managed the same respects for an SME software company, but now want to keep my skills up to date and in use!

But why ‘Pixie Teeth’?

A couple of reasons! I’ve had my hair in a short pixie cut for years, that there are some people in my life who’ve never seen it long. It’s part of my identity and I wanted to bring it into my blogging life.

The combination of ‘Pixie’ and ‘Teeth’ came from wanting to have a unique and curious combination of words. I wanted my blog to not be too pinned down in what it would cover. So something like Pixie Teeth gives me a lot of wiggle room, whilst also being easy to remember and spell.

& me

At the moment I’m looking for work in Cork, Ireland. Belov’d and I are self styled ‘Brexit splitters’, taking ourselves away from an uncertain Britain to make our life else where.

When I’m not declaring “Das Apfel ist schlecht” repeatedly to appease my tablet, I try my hand at knitting. From attempting to following the patterns discovered on Raverly to working at designing my own items. There is something that really makes my heart warm when I’ve finished a piece of knitting.

Of course there is travelling in my life. I’m not the sit by the beach type. Far from it. Travelling is exploring, is pillaging book shops, seeing new people and tasting the unusual. At the moment the German speaking countries are at the top of the list, why not with a native speaker?