Shakespeare Sunday Round Up II

As we’re in December it’s a perfect time to do a round up of Shakespeare Sundays. A quick read through the last 12!


It’s not just on HIGNFY

AKA why I love Jo Brand It’s likely you’ve seen this clip of Have I Got News For You but it’s always worth resharing: Jo is of course on the dot. She is regularly the only female member of these panels. I’m acutely aware as we’re Belov’d and I are going through a QI…… Continue reading It’s not just on HIGNFY

Phone Alone

Before we begin I’m not looking to prove a point. This social experiment came about rather violently- there was at more than one occasion tears. The thing is I’ve had a mobile phone with me for more than half my life. I think I got my first one when I was 11 or 12. The good old brick, Nokia 3310. Now I’m without one- for possibly some time.