Euro rather nifty

The shiny blue card means I now have a Euro denominated bank account in my name. It’s one of the last things about setting up a life in another country. It kind of means I’ve done it.

So what’s so great about Euros anyway? A lot.


Mystery Blogger Award | Part I

I have been nominated! My nominee was Sabrina! Here is her post that nominated me. I’ll be honest, I’m really out of the loop as far as bloggers and who I really like at the moment so I won’t nominate- yet. If I could it would be Sabrina. I find her work to be both…… Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award | Part I

Shakespeare Sunday Round Up

So Bill and I go back a while. My mother’s a big fan, there’s even a portrait of him hanging in the family dining room (looking snazzy on an oxblood coloured wall). English literature was one of my favourite classes, being able to go over his work and study it properly. It’s when I first realised that Shakespeare is better performed live.