Pixie Pack

Here at Pixie Teeth I’m aiming to produce great content on a weekly basis- but I also don’t want to overload your inbox with update notifications.

What’s so good about the Pixie Pack?

The Pixie Pack is a mailing list, where you can choose to have either a weekly or monthly round up. The round ups are an overview of what has been published sent out either every Friday or the last Friday of the month.

It’s free and easy to sign up!

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What will happen to my details?

Your information will be safe and secure behind a two factor system, and will only be used to contact you about Pixie Teeth content- nothing else.

If this changes, I will alert you before hand so that you can opt out of anything that is not related to the Pixie Teeth goodness. As per DGPR requirements.


That’s cool, what’s the difference between Weekly & Monthly?

Other than the frequency, the only real difference will be the size of the email.

Whilst I’m looking to keep these lean and interesting; the Monthly one will be covering four times as much activities as the Weekly.

Sign up for your Pixie Pack

I’ve started receiving Pixie Packs, but didn’t sign up- what the fudge?

I’m sorry that’s happened 😨😨😨

Please use the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email, or the form below- and I’ll remove you as soon as possible! This may take 24 hours depending on your time zone and when you contact me. Once I have removed you I will confirm via email.