The podcasts brightening my day!

Currently I’m subscribed to twelve podcasts, but I’m always on the look out for something new! Let me know what you’re listening to!

No Such Thing as a Fish

The wonderful mixture of comedy and knowledge!

Four of the infamous QI elves ‘crowd round the microphone’ weekly to share their favourite facts. Ahead of time the other elves must be given a gist of what the fact will be, as they research on a similar topic to give related ones.

If you’re a fan of QI you’ll find this amazing!

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TED Radio Hour

TED is infamous- it’s hard to be in a field that hasn’t been touched upon by the organisation.

The podcast is hosted by Guy, who combines three or four different TED talks under a common topic. He interviews the talk hosts about the topic and their take on the topic, and the reasons they were asked to speak.

I suppose all of this means nothing if you don’t know what TED is. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design- it’s an organisation dedicated to educating people, or as they put it; “ideas worth spreading”. If you want find out more, click here to go to

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Friday Night Comedy Podcast

Friday night, on Radio 4, is for political satire.

Now that I’m no longer in the UK this taste of home is something I look forward to. They look back of the week’s political events and debacles to produce some side splitting comedy.

As the series change on Radio 4, they do on the podcast, so you’ll get a mix of “The Now Show!” to “Dead Ringers”- either way a mix of the top comedians looking back at the week.

Highly recommended.

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RuPaul What’s the Tee? With Michelle Visage

As big RuPaul and Dragrace fan this was a must.

The podcast itself is worth a listen; a selection of interesting guests (mainly from show biz) and topics discussed in the only way Ru and Michelle can- frank, blunt, and with touches of humor.

I’m not sure if this would be something for someone who isn’t a fan of Ru or Michelle- but it’s better to try not than assume!

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Stuff You Missed In History Class

This has been in my podcast app for some time!

Tracy and Holly are the current hosts of the podcast, but come in after another female duo (whose names escape me right now), they bring a thorougher and fun approach to history.

Even though Holly and Tracy are aware that there are younger listeners, by the sounds of it they may feature in some history classes, they don’t mince their words.  They prefix episodes that may not be suitable for children with comments that indicate it.

It may sound weird but I like the fact they’re going to cover sensitive topics, done with beautiful decorum, that other people would shy away from.

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The Guilty Feminist

So many reasons to love this!

The way the podcasts starts with the confessions of a feminist, “I’m a feminist but…” always has me giggling- even when I really shouldn’t.

You maybe able to guess as to what the main topic of discussion is, yes, feminism. What I enjoy is that they’re open to discus the faults of it as well as the benefits of it. For example, one of the first ones I listened to, was about how disabled feminists are included- or for the most part aren’t. Like with most things for the disabled making sure marches, festivals, and other events are equipped for the needs of the disabled community always seem to be a second thought.

Since that episode they’ve discussed things like “It’s a Man’s World”, “Being an Outsider”, and “Bringing up a Feminist Son” and more. The range of topics, and things affected by feminism are fascinating. As someone who’d describe them self as a ‘feminist with her training wheels still on’ I enjoy hearing these first hand accounts- and not to mention all the laughter that comes with it.

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Answer Me This!

Another comedy podcast, can you tell that it’s my favourite genre?

Helen and Oly (and sometimes sound man, and husband of Helen, Martin) answer queries. These can be some what bizarre to actual moral conundrums, set before them by listeners of the show.

As the queries range so broadly there really is no two shows the same. The chemistry of the trio works well to not just present and answer the queries (as best they can), they add a touch of humour to it along the way as well.

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The Infinite Monkey Cage

The worst bit about the show is the wait between series.

It’s a podcast for the layman interested in higher sciences, and presented in such a way that you feel like part of the conversation- rather than talked down to. With the ever youthful Dr Brian Cox and the giggle worthy Robin Ince host a panel of scientists and comedians to debate and present ideas along a common theme or query.

The rare kind of show that not only educates you- but makes you realise how much you retained from science lessons.

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Melanin Millennials

The full run down is on my blog, You Should Listen to Melanin Millennials, I love the podcast for it’s humour, love and wide variety of topics. I’ve got a recommended first listen podcast on the blog post as well.

If you’d rather see what they’re up to right now please click below;

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